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I am proud to be the Media Resource Specialist at a Leader in Me school. We are a Title 1 bilingual school in north Dallas, and this program has provided wonderful support and direction for our students and staff. This is the end of our second year and I hope to see our students continue to learn and develop their potential as leaders. As the Media Resource Specialist (or librarian) I support this program in many different ways. I order books with the habits in mind, and will share books with our school leaders pointing out specific traits I see in these books. Our school also has a Habit of the Month which I support with book displays. Books are only part of my job and I want the 7 Habits to integrate with all that we do. For me that means MakerSpace. We also have a DYNAMIC and ENGAGING MakerSpace. The goals of my MakerSpace are the 5Cs: Collaboration, Creativity, Communication, Citizenship and Critical Thinking. The 5C's and the 7 Habits are a great pairing. While students might be sent with a free choice pass, most often they come to complete the weekly challenge or some of my older groups use video equipment to complete Production Challenges. I started at the end of this year to tie these to the monthly habit, but my goal for next year is to have challenges for EACH of the 7 Habits.

Then I got stuck on Habit 1: Be Proactive. I thought about having kids create "Calming Bottles" (still love this idea; but my MakerSpace is designed for all students K-5 to complete challenges independently as a small group of students in about 15-25 minutes......and that is just not a great adult free project. I was having glitter nightmares!). I thought and thought and got nowhere, so I decided to reach out to, who else, other librarians! I found I am not alone, and we have created a new Facebook Group of Leader In Me Librarians. I hope to work with this great group to support each other and all schools become better Library Leaders of our little Leaders. If you too are a Leader in Me Librarian, please join our group where you can find my post asking for challenge suggestions :-)

Here are the challenges I have done in the past:

End of the Year 7 Habits Think Win Win

Seek First to Understand (this one was not popular and I will redesign next year)

Synergize (this was HUGELY popular)

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