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As the librarian at a Leader in Me School how do you incorporate the 7 Habits into the library and your work? This was the question posted recently in our Leader in Me Librarians Facebook Group. How would you answer it? For me the answer is simple: I integrate the Habits into EVERYTHING I do and everything that is done in our Learning Commons. Here are a few examples:

- Books! As the librarian, of course books is my first answer. We have a habit of the month and I make a display of books to correlate with this habit. However, I also have ready to go resource lists for each of the 7 Habits and teachers can select and borrow these books as needed.

Habit 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 (I am sorry but these lists are not available to be shared with the public)

- Books! Sorry, as the librarian books is my second answer too. I also purchase books with the Habits in mind. I have purchased official 7 Habits books and ones that I believe can be used with the 7 Habits. I have started to see the Habits everywhere and when I read a new book I try to note which habit it could be used to illustrate.

- Makerspace! We have a dynamic and busy Makerspace (and Playkerspace). In our Makerspace we encourage students to demonstrate and practice their 7 Habits. However, I have also created Makerspace challenges to correspond with each of the 7 Habits and post these to correspond with the school-wide Habit of the Month.

- Encouraging Student Leadership

This is the part I love best because I have such a unique opportunity due to my job description to offer students leadership opportunities. A few ways we do this in my school:

1. Morning Announcements: 5th Grade Leaders must complete an application, try-out and interview(pretty informal) to be part of our morning announcement team. Each morning this team goes live under my supervision (which trails off throughout the year) with the Principal to share announcements, news, jokes and communicate with the school body.

2. Production Club: Students (gr 3-5) who show an interest in video/movie creation are invited to take part in our recess Production Club. This is a club where I train students to use video equipment (we have 2 Padcasters thanks to a grant) and they are issued a challenge to create a video. These are videos we use during morning announcements, on Social Media, the website or during assemblies so not only do they have an authentic audience and purpose, but students are encouraged to produce higher quality work. Often several groups will work on the same challenge and only the best will be selected for use.

3. Technology Leaders Club: This is a new club that I am looking forward to launching during our 4th-5th grade club time. It is my intention that this year long club will eventually lead itself. Students will learn to troubleshoot technology issues, and eventually be open Help Desk time when they can help teachers and fellow students with SO many things from peer tutoring, tech help and more. Look for a post about this club to come in the future.

4. 4th and 5th Grade Clubs: At our school we take 45 minutes out of the schedule twice a month for our oldest students to participate in clubs. Teachers, staff and school leaders pick a club they would love to lead (something they enjoy or are passionate about) and students participate in small groups. I am in charge of organizing and managing clubs at my school.

- Professional Leadership: I also take every opportunity to show my own leadership. I am part of the school Administrative team, district level committees, and present often at conferences I am also part of the school Lighthouse Team, where I encourage reading, technology and all things Learning Commons. We took part in One School One Book last year and I hope to repeat that again.

- Leadership Notebooks: Each student in our school from Kindergarten to grade 5 has a Leadership Notebook and I have created several Learning Commons/reading related pages that I encourage teachers to include. These are reading logs, a goal Setting Page, a Books and iStation Correlation Tracking chart, and Reading Stamina charts (Class Chart for SmartBoard; or Individual Chart).

- Digital Leadership Lessons: I have always presented Digital Citizenship lessons to students, but after reading Social Leadia this summer it is my goal to move towards more Digital Leadership Lessons and create mini-lessons/badges to correlate with each of the 7 Habits.

- Language. Last and perhaps most importantly I use the language and concepts of the 7 Habits in everything I do.

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