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Makerspace vs Playkerspace

It has almost been a year since we introduced Playkerspace in the Learning Commons, in addition to our Makerspace and I can say it has been an unqualified success. We have had over 1500 groups come to the Learning Commons this year. You can see from our data that it is very evenly distributed between Maker and Playker Spaces. When I started this my goal was to bring more primary students into Makerspace and I did meet that goal and would recommend this setup for other elementary libraries and Learning Commons.

What is Makerspace vs. Playkerspace?

That is a GREAT question! I recently used this presentation at TLA to answer and explain.

One of the greatest questions I was asked after the session was HOW, HOW do you find the time?! First let me be honest and say that I am blessed to be the Media Resource Specialist in Utopia (well McKinney ISD, McKinney, TX which may be Utopia for librarians). I am on a completely flex schedule. I have the support of my supervisors and my principal. Most of all I have a full time aide. That is a big part of why I am able to offer these amazing opportunities to our students. However, I was the school librarian on a fixed schedule with no aide for 9 years. I know how it goes and I still believe that this CAN be done without an aide. I believe you can make it work on a fixed schedule. I would LOVE to hear from librarians who take these ideas and run with them without an aide or without the flex schedule. HOW? How did you make it work? Please share!

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