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Moving to Digital Leadership: the KIDS

The ideas of Digital Leadership and Digital Advocacy are all great in THEORY but being an elementary librarian at a Title I school, with students AND TEACHERS that do not have a firm grasp on Digital Citizenship I know that simply saying "Let's promote Digital Leadership! Find your passion! Start influencing others!" is not going to work. I loved the books "Social Leadia" by Jennifer Casa-Todd and "Digital Citizenship in Action" by Kristen Mattson but was left with this question of "Ok, how do I do this at the ELEMENTARY LEVEL?"

My favorite co-presenter Tonya Hinkebein (@TonyaHinkebein) and I sat down to plan out professional development for our teachers at the upcoming Converge conference. #DigCit Teacher Basics is based STRONGLY on Plano ISD's Nancy Watson's #DigCit Stages of Growth. In fact, that is what we will start with. Simply asking teachers: Where do you fall on this continuum? Where should you be for your students (#KidsDeserveIt)? Where do your students NEED YOU to be? I think this is an eye opener for our elementary teachers who have long believed that it was a parent or librarian's responsibility to cover these topics. Or worse, that students should wait until they are in middle and high school to address these issues. Because you have to be 13 to use social media, right?

Well........what if we adapted that continuum and looked at a KID VERSION.

Now we ask the question again. Where are YOU? Where do YOU need to be for your students if we are going to ask them to be Digital Leaders at 12, 13 (or even younger)? Now let's define what #DigCit is and is not and how we get elementary teachers there.....

#DigCit #DigitalCitizenship #MISDConverge #DigitalLeader

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