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Moving to Digital Leadership: the HOW

After reading the theory about Digital Leadership and considering the teacher AND student stages of #DigCit, I hope I have convinced you how important it is to make Digital Leadership a deliberate part of your elementary classroom. HOW do you do this? First it is important to understand what #DigCit is and what it is NOT.

Digital Leadership is not:

  • -Taught in isolation. At the heart these lessons are about more than just what you can and cannot do online. They are building strong character traits in our students to apply online and offline.

  • An afterthought. Some lessons should be purposeful. The framework for supporting students in their digital growth MUST be purposeful.

  • A dictatorship: A community built, structured, completely run by the teacher

  • Complete: Cannot be taught and then move on. Cannot be checked off a list. Is never complete.

Digital Leadership is:

  • Vitally important in this day in age

  • Needed whether we like it or not, whether we like technology or whether we think our kids are “ready”

  • The reason we must step out of our COMFORT ZONE

Now HOW do you build your students to be current and future Digital Leaders?

1. Start with yourself. Build YOURSELF to be a digital advocate. Take the time to make this your first priority.

2. Build a framework for a positive digital community. (Rules, expectations, routines, basically take everything Harry Wong taught you and add a digital spin).

3. Build your community. When you are having community circle/morning meeting and when you are teaching ANYTHING do not forget to consider the digital aspects. Kids live in two worlds: IRL “real life” and internet life, but we need to prepare them for both.

a. Become familiar with the ISTE standards

b. ​Do not gloss over media TEKS/standards.

4. Teach mini lessons as needed.

5. Take advantage of teachable moments.

Each of these points are big deals. I will write a blog post about each but encourage you to jump in, get started, read more and if you need hands on help speak to your school's librarian.

#MISDConverge #DigitalLeader #DigitalCitizenship #DigCit #FutureReadyLibs

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