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Digital Citizenship Week 2018

Digital Citizenship week for 2018 is approaching and not only is this a focus for my teachers and I this year but when my boss sends out the above tweet I knew that I had to come up with a plan. I am SO proud of my teachers. Twitter is not a natural or comfortable place for many. Many hesitated to join, and I completely understood their reasoning. However I have been slowly trying to build them up to the great teachers I KNOW they are and explain how Twitter can make them even better. Then this past summer I finally said we just HAVE to do it. For the kids. See my past posts about our Digital Leadership push. Twitter is something we just cannot ignore or say we are not comfortable with. We NEED to take part so we can help our students not only be better Digital Citizens, but better Digital Leaders.

So what is my plan to demonstrate digital leadership with students and staff?

I came up with a Tic Tac Toe #DigLeaders Challenge for my staff (STAFF, that is not just teachers but coaches and admin too) that I will present first to my new teachers/techy teachers at the next Tech Tuesday, then to the entire staff at our next faculty meeting and follow up by putting it in their hands digitally and physically. My principal is very supportive and as a little extra incentive we are going to offer a special mug to those who get 3 in a row and a Golden Ticket to be our honored guest at our Coffee/Barista Bar which conveniently falls on a parent/teacher conference day the Monday after this week.

I know that not all of my teachers are ON Twitter or using it as well as they could, so this comes at the perfect time to help build them up. I have included resources that I will share to help AND will make myself very available for coaching on this topic. My goal is to get at least a few new teachers on twitter, most teachers to complete 3 in a row and would LOVE to see as many as possible black it out! I will update the blog to share how it goes OR follow me on Twitter: @TheSusanHefley.

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