Staff Development

As the Media Resource Specialist, or Librarian, I love that I can help students of ALL ages learn and grow and this includes the teachers, staff and administration.  I know that this group of learners is very busy, with diverse needs and levels of comfort with technology.  With this in mind I act as a formal presenter of staff development, a resource for help as needed, a coach for professional development.  I work with teachers to meet their needs individually, and as a team/small group.  I have presented numerous times to the entire staff of my school and also planned and presented entire district professional development.  


Examples of staff development: 

Toilet Paper Tech
Sometimes professional development needs to be short and simple and presented during teachers only downtime.
Tech Tastings
Quick, in person technology professional development based on teacher survey of needs/wants.
Digital Citizenship
Whole group, formal PD, presented at staff meeting.
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