I have worked with Susan Hefley for two years as her assistant. Working with her has been a privilege. Her mentoring has shaped up my professional life. She is not just a leader to me but also an inspiration to all Malvern staff and students. She is a caring, patient and hard working person who is committed to her students and profession. She would be an asset to any school or organization. I’m so thankful that she was my boss and now she is a good friend.

Esther Castro

Library Assistant, Malvern Elementary, McKinney TX

Any time I need to bounce ideas off of, Susan is my go to gal. Susan has ideas that are innovative and challenging. I absolutely enjoy collaborating with Susan whether it is on student projects or tips for teachers.

Tonya Hinkebein

Media Resource Specialist, Burks Elementary, McKinney ISD

Susan Hefley is simply the best (I think they wrote a song for her). She steps up and takes on projects for our kids that exceed any known expectations. She is always so positive and we just feel like she is our 7th team member. Words cannot express our gratitude for the help she has given us with our Collin McKinney projects. I would like to nominate her for LMS of the year (is there such an award? If not we should create one!).

Mary Mansfield

Malvern Elementary, McKinney TX

I must say you run a tight ship with all that you do.  Your work with staff and students is excellent.  Malvern is very fortunate to have your talent.  I do appreciate you.  It has been a privilege and pleasure being at school.

Harry Long

Assistant Principal, Malvern Elementary, McKinney TX

​I have never met someone more knowledgable and giving as Susan.  She is always willing to help and find an answer if she does not know it.  Our class appreciates all that she does to make learning exciting!

Courtney Weber

2nd Grade Teacher, Malvern Elementary, McKinney TX

​Since coming on board, the library has been transformed by the many additions to educational programs and various student involved activities.  Our students will only benefit by your visions of excellence.

Pam Williams

Malvern Elementary, McKinney TX

I have known and worked with Susan for seven years, during which time I have found her to be a very dedicated individual who is committed to her students and profession. She demonstrates enthusiasm, as well as a strong interest in teaching and learning. Susan designs creative and innovative lessons which actively engage her students in both the areas of library science and computer/technology. She is ambitious, hard working, and responsible and would be an asset for any organization to which she belongs.

Rachel Fagan

Dassa McKinney Elementary, Butler, PA

Susan Hefley consistently strives to master technology and bring colleagues along for the educational ride. She is a caring, resourceful teacher, who works to improve her performance and outcomes with her student. I have enjoyed working cross-state on projects for our professional organization. She is an asset to her school, and to anyone who follows her latest technological and teaching passion. She continues to perfect her skills while setting her sights on the next big thing in schools, libraries and technologies.

Suzanne Piorkowski


I have known and worked with Susan Hefley for six years. I have assisted her in her duties as a librarian and also substituted for her in her absence. I have always found Susan to be impeccably prepared for her job. She is incredibly organized with a clear vision of what she wants to accomplish. Her plans are always detailed and innovative, but very easy to follow. Susan is intelligent and well-spoken but yet she relates easily to students of all ages and abilities. Susan would be a valuable asset to any organization.

Tammi Landgraf

Professional Aquaintance

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